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Anti-globalist analyst argues in favour of EU membership

December 3rd, 2021

An economist who is famous for his criticism of modern western societies believes Hungary should after all remain a member of the European Union despite all controversies with EU institutions.

In Magyar Hírlap, László Bogár reiterates his view that despite significant yearly financial transfers from the European Union to Hungary, the balance of the capital flow over the past two decades has been negative for the Hungarian economy. Profits transferred by multinationals to their mother companies and the tenders won by Western companies in EU financed investment projects exceed the financial help Hungary gets from the European Union, he asserts. Meanwhile he also laments that the institutions of the European Union, the European Parliament in particular, have become hotbeds of identity politics and punitive campaigns against those who advocate the traditional values of national culture and family. Nevertheless, he continues, Hungary and its allies in the Visegrád 4 group may play a pivotal role in defending those values and Christianity, Bogár asserts, and therefore suggests that Hungary should remain inside the European Union.