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Vona on PM Orbán’s chances next April

November 3rd, 2021

In two successive articles, the former Jobbik leader lists five reasons why the Prime Minister should be concerned, in the run-up to next year’s parliamentary elections – and another five factors which should reassure him.

On Index, Gábor Vona, who left both his post as his party’s chairman and his party, after a poor performance in the last parliamentary elections in 2018, believes Mr Orbán has much to fear in next April’s election, but he has equal cause for optimism. On the one hand, he mentions first of all the mobilising effect of the opposition primaries over the past two months and the surprising victory of an outsider as the opposition’s candidate for Prime Minister, who can hardly be accused of being guilty of past political misdeeds. The overriding novelty that will make it possible for the opposition to win, Vona underlines, is the bare fact that its disparate forces have finally managed to unite. The main factor playing in Mr Orbán’s favour, on the other hand, he writes, is the public’s natural fear of the unknown. Even unpleasant certainty is often preferable to uncertainty, he explains. In addition, as shown by their last rally on October 23, which was dwarfed by the show of strength mobilized by the pro-government camp, it is doubtful if the opposition has the grassroots network indispensable to win most of the 106 individual constituencies. Thirdly, Vona continues, the government has issued enough bonds to subsidise welfare spending ahead of the elections. Fourthly, the opposition has a high propensity to pin its hopes on Brussels’ help, but Vona dismisses such hopes as daydreams. Finally, he believes, leading the struggle against the coronavirus emergency will add to the government’s image as a competent manager of the country’s problems.

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