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Hillary Clinton criticizes Hungary’s government

November 27th, 2021

A pro-government pundit dismisses Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Hungary is an authoritarian dictatorship that threatens world peace.

In an interview with MSNBC, Hillary Clinton likened Donald Trump to leaders of Turkey, Russia, Hungary and Brazil whom she described as men defined by autocratic rule and corruption. Foreign Minister Szijjártó responded by dismissing the accusations and demanding more respect for Hungary and Hungarians.

Magyar Nemzet’s Tamás Pilhál finds Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Hungary is a dictatorship absurd. In an angry rebuttal, the pro-government columnist writes that it was not Hungary, but the US under the Democrat rule that threatened democratic peace with foreign military interventions and covert secret service operations aimed at bringing down governments they did not like. Pilhál goes so far as to write that ‘Similarly to the Nazis, the Clinton and Soros clans want to create their own kind of Ubermensch – a multicultural, gender-neutral consumer zombie’. Pilhál concludes by hoping that Donald Trump will soon return to power and finally ‘drain the swamp’.

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