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Fears expressed of foreign electoral influence

October 30th, 2021

Two pro-government commentators are worried about the possibility of foreign interference in next April’s parliamentary election.

In Vasárnap, Zoltán Kaszab writes that in the run-up to next year’s parliamentary election, Fidesz will need to defeat not only the opposition, but also the international network that supports the Left. The pro-government commentator claims that Austrian Chancellor Kurz, Czech Prime Minister Babiš and former Slovak Prime Minister Fico have been ‘hunted down’ by the same ‘international forces operating in the background’ that target Prime Minister Orbán for his patriotic and anti-immigration agenda. In his introductory remarks, Kaszab agrees with Mr Orbán in asserting that the Hungarian opposition parties are competing with each other to ‘become the local governors for Brussels and George Soros’ and have solid financial and media support behind them.

Magyar Hírlap’s Péter G. Fehér also takes it for granted that foreign powers will intervene in the April Parliamentary election. The pro-government pundit writes that the EU was not hesitant to exert pressure on member states when the referenda on the 2007 Lisbon Treaty failed. Without explicitly mentioning foreign involvement or a plot, he also finds ‘suspicious’ Jörg Haider’s death (in a car accident) right after the snap election called in 2008. He thinks that the anti-immigration Haider, who had doubled his constituency and received more than 10 per cent of the votes would have become even stronger if he had lived. Fehér finds unconvincing the official report, that Haider died due to drunk driving.

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