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More on the German elections

September 29th, 2021

The leading dailies all agree that post-electoral German coalition talks may turn out to be more interesting than the campaign itself.

Magyar Nemzet’s Mariann Őry predicts that the coalition talks will be more thrilling than the rather lackluster campaign. Whether the new chancellor will be a Social Democrat or a Christian Democrat, she writes, all coalition members will have to make tough concessions. She goes on to note that Germany will not necessarily be led by the party with the highest number of votes, but the one that wins in the coalition talks and secures the support of the Greens and the Free Democrats. Őry is confident that Hungarian-German economic relations will remain firm, regardless of which parties will form the new government in Germany.

In Magyar Nemzet, László Szőcs suspects that one reason why support for the Christian Democratic parties in Germany is declining is the ‘increasing number of Musim immigrant voters who support their opponents’. The pro-government commentator finds it futile for the Hungarian opposition to hope that a left-wing German government would boost the chances of the Hungarian opposition in the 2022 Parliamentary election. Szőcs believes that Social Democrat leader Olaf Scholz is a pragmatic politician who puts German interests before ideological issues.

Népszava’s Tamás Rónay also thinks that tough coalition talks are ahead before a new government is announced. The left-wing pundit hopes that during those negotiations, in addition to Germany’s problems and interests, participants will consider EU issues as well.