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EP calls for the recognition of same sex marriage

September 17th, 2021

A conservative commentator accuses the European Parliament of becoming the ‘puppet’ of George Soros, after the assembly called for the recognition of same sex marriage throughout the Union.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the recognition of same-sex marriages and partnerships throughout the EU. The resolution proposes that free movement in the EU should imply that same sex couples have the same rights in all member states. The resolution also calls on the European Commission to take action against Hungary, Poland and Romania whom the document accuses of discriminating against LGBTQ individuals.

On Mandiner, Gergely Vágvölgyi interprets the European Parliament’s resolution as yet another instance of left-wing ideological dictatorship. The conservative commentator claims that the European Parliament has become the ‘puppet’ of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and their ally, the ‘LGBT lobby’. Vágvölgyi accuses the European Parliament of openly endorsing anti-Christian extremist ideas in order to deconstruct the institution of marriage – rather than focusing on more important issues including the rights of national minorities in Europe and the persecution of Christians in Afghanistan. He concludes by predicting an ideological campaign of a similar ilk in Hungary, if the Left wins next year’s election.

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