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Tucker Carlson’s visit to Hungary

August 10th, 2021

Commenting on the widespread international media reaction to the one week visit the Fox News host has paid to Hungary and his interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a Hungarian Canadian sociologist believes Carlson has opened a breach in the ’cordon sanitaire’ built around Hungary.

On the pro-government Látószög blogsite, Hungarian-Canadian academic Frank Füredi, an emeritus professor of sociology at Kent University gives an interpretation of why the mainstream Anglo-American media is “so excited about Tucker Carlson’s visit to Hungary”. As he sees it, the western media has pursued a policy of no-platforming the Hungarian Prime Minister, without realising the irony of denouncing Orbán for being authoritarian whilst ‘depriving him of a platform’ to promote his ideas. The globalist media, Füredi claims, has succeeded in establishing a cordon sanitaire around Hungary. They now fear that their ‘propaganda war’ may be set back if ordinary Americans actually hear what Orbán has to say. Füredi believes the media campaign against Tucker’s broadcasts from Budapest, including his interview with the Hungarian Prime Minister, is motivated by an anxiety that American listeners might actually sympathise with Orbán’s views.

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