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Opposition and government neck and neck

August 27th, 2021

A leading pollster finds no substantial changes in the popularity of the two opposing camps among the electorate. He characterises the race as extremely tight at this juncture.

On Telex, Máté Világi sums up the results of a poll by Závecz Research in mid-August, according to which the opposition alliance is slightly ahead of Fidesz, but Fidesz supporters would turn out in larger numbers today and win 50 per cent of the ballots. (Un-aligned parties would be supported by about 2 per cent of voters.) Within the overall electorate, the opposition alliance is supported by 39 per cent, while the ratio of Fidesz supporters amounts to 37.  However, 56 per cent of pro Fidesz respondents say they would definitely cast their ballot if the elections were held now, while only 51 per cent of opposition supporters are sure to turn out.  (In earlier assessments, pollsters have suggested that the opposition alliance needs a 5 to 6 point advantage to win over the majority of individual constituencies which will yield 106 of the 198 mandates in Parliament, while the rest are distributed according to the votes cast on national party lists.)

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