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Left accused of collaborating with ‘neo-Nazis’

August 7th, 2021

A pro-government commentator accuses the Left of abandoning their values by cooperating with Jobbik politicians who in the past expressed racist and homophobic views.

In Magyar Nemzet, Ottó Gajdics finds it nauseating that left-wing parties are cooperating with what he calls ‘the far-right’. The pro-government columnist recalls that that the Democratic Coalition’s Ferenc Gyurcsány supports Péter Tóth of Jobbik in the opposition primaries in the city of Szeged, despite the fact that Tóth made anti-Semitic, anti-Roma and homophobic statements in the past. Gajdics does not buy the Left’s argument that Tóth and his party has changed and abandoned its racist ideology. Gajdics suggests that the Left’s willingness to include in their alliance such politicians shows that far-left ideology can accommodate far-right or even Nazi views.

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