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Hungary felt vindicated by Lithuanian border fence

August 14th, 2021

Reacting to what he calls the ‘international silence’ over the wire fence being built by Lithuania on its border with Belarus, a pro-government author angrily recalls the stern condemnation Hungary faced six years ago when it built a fence along its southern border.

On Vasárnap, Kristóf Trombitás confronts the 4100 migrants Belarus dumped at the Lithuanian border with the hundreds of thousands who crossed into Hungary in 2015. He fully understands, he adds, that the Lithuanian government sees this influx of ‘illegal migrants’ as intolerable. Meanwhile, he accuses the mainstream international press of duplicity, as the same outlets which vituperated against Hungary in the mid-2010s because of its refusal to let illegal migrants in, now voice absolutely no complaints against the Lithuanian government. He takes that as proof that ‘leftist propaganda’ has a grudge against the Hungarian government, whatever it does.

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