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Opposition protests the spyware scandal

July 28th, 2021

Opposition news sites complain about the small number of demonstrators who joined the opposition march in Budapest on Monday. A pro-government analyst takes it as proof that the spyware scandal is a hoax.

On Telex, Mira Marjanovic and Dániel Simor report that many participants at the demonstration fear the truth about the Israeli made spyware m on journalists’ smartphones will never be known by the public. (See BudaPost, July 20.) Many have come to believe the accusations levelled against the government after Fidez Mps boycotted and thus prevented the session of the National Security Committee devoted to the issue. The reporters remark however that although the demonstration was led by the leaders of the opposition parties, only a few thousand people turned out.

In their video report on the event on 444, Balázs Kaufmann and Júlia Halász show several demonstrators who complain that people show little interest in the matter. ’They have other concerns’, one of them said.

Mandiner quotes a Facebook post by pro-government analyst Dániel Deák describe the accusations as an operation ‘originating from abroad’ and deems it telling that ‘a mere few hundred people’ showed interest in the event. Were it a serious matter, he argues, tens of thousands would have taken to the streets.

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