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Left-wing analyst defends inclusion of Jobbik in opposition alliance

July 22nd, 2021

A left-wing political scientist acknowledges that some of the values espoused by Jobbik are anathema to left-wing and liberal voters, but he nonetheless believes that Jobbik should be part of the opposition cooperation.

On Mérce, Zoltán Gábor Szűcs defends the cooperation between left-wing and liberal opposition parties and Jobbik, despite the fact that Jobbik supported the government’s anti-LGBT law. The left-wing political scientist acknowledges that he also finds Jobbik’s ideology morally unacceptable, but he nonetheless thinks that the opposition is justified in cooperating with Jobbik as without such broad alliance, Fidesz would easily win at the 2022 Parliamentary election, and even another two-thirds Fidesz majority could not be ruled out. As a moral compromise, Szűcs recommends that supporters of the opposition outraged by Jobbik’s values should vote against Jobbik candidates in the opposition preliminaries.

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