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PM Orbán calls Hungary Europe’s ‘last freedom fighter’

June 22nd, 2021

A pro-government commentator welcomes PM Orbán’s criticism of the ‘Sovietization’ of Europe. A liberal pundit likens the Prime Minister to the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and Adolf Hitler.

In his speech on the thirtieth anniversary of the departure of the last Soviet troops from Hungary in 1991, Viktor Orbán criticized plans to create a more centralized ‘European superstate’. The Prime Minister said that this ‘Sovietization of Europe’ should be stopped and ‘national democracy’ should be defended. The EU’s decision-making power has, in his view, been ‘outsourced’ to non-European networks including ‘the Soros network’. The Prime Minister concluded by expressing the hope that Hungarians, ‘who have always been Europe’s freedom fighters’ will take the lead and defend European freedom in the future as well.

Magyar Nemzet’ László Szőcs agrees with the Prime Minister that Hungarians have been disappointed by the EU. The pro-government commentator believes that the EU was already in decline when Hungary joined in 2004. He shares Mr Orbán’s view that Hungarians should fight for a ‘European renaissance’, meaning the defence of national sovereignty grounded in a Judaeo-Christian heritage, and also fight against ‘the climate and gender madness, dictated by political correctness’.

On Hírklikk, István Gusztos likens Prime Minister Orbán to Nicolae Ceausescu. The former SZDSZ politician finds Mr Orbán ridiculous for trying to tell the EU what to do. He accuses him of inciting homophobic and racist sentiments in Hungary,  and goes so far as to wonder if PM Orbán’s supporters will soon shout ‘Heil Hitler’ slogans.

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