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Debate on the ban on the promotion of homosexuality

June 16th, 2021

Ahead of the vote in Parliament on Tuesday, left-wing critics condemned a bill banning the promotion of homosexuality among children under the age of 18. Pro-government authors passionately disagree with criticism of the bill.

On 24.hu, Zsolt Kerner warns that the law blurs the difference between paedophilia and homosexuality. He defines the text as a Russian-style move to stigmatise gays and strip them of their rights.

On 444, Márton Gulyás called on the opposition to boycott the vote as a matter of both principle and political purpose, arguing that consistency is the only way for the opposition to find dedicated followers. (Jobbik decided to vote ‘yes’, while the rest of opposition deputies, except one, boycotted the session.)

Magyar Nemzet has dedicated three comments to the issue in as many days.

György Németh denies that the law would ban information on homosexuality at school. He defends it as protecting children from environmental influences they are too immature to process.

Ferenc Kis accuses the opposition of intending to ‘release a kind of madness’ that would stampede Hungary into a giant laboratory where an experiment aimed at ‘breeding a new type of human beings is underway’.

Zsolt Pozsgai relates the story of a compatriot who was raised by two fathers and who escaped to Switzerland from his past. The man, now a happy father of two, welcomes the new law ‘as a revolution’ which would defy the dominating trend of thinking in his new homeland.

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