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EU seen as a hybrid system

May 11th, 2021

An EU expert thinks that calls for a federal Europe on the one hand, and for a return to national sovereignty on the other, both threaten the delicate institutional balance of the European Union.

On 444.hu, political scientist György Fóris, an expert in EUROPE affairs, thinks that the EU can survive only if it maintains its hybrid character and creates tight cooperation but at the same time manages to respect national identity and interests. Fóris depicts both calls for the creation of a United States of Europe as well as the uncompromising defence of national sovereignty, as threats to the existence of the EU as designed by its founders. In order to create a strong union that is competitive in the global economy and is able to guarantee the security of all its members, the EU needs unity, Fóris maintains. He adds, however, that unity should be grounded in the mutual interests of nation states and should not threaten the existence of the diversity of national identities and interests. Fóris believes that in the absence of a clear ethnic majority, the EU can be successful only if it respects national diversity.

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