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Budapest Mayor Karácsony accused of body shaming

May 13th, 2021
In an interview with the Economist, Budapest Mayor Karácsony, who is also expected to announce his candidacy for the leadership of the opposition, said that PM Orbán ’is short and fat, and I am tall and slim’. Soon after his remarks were published, Mr Karácsony apologized, claiming that his statement was just a bad joke.

On Mandiner, Milán Constantinovits wonders if the luminaries of the opposition purposefully send mixed messages. The conservative blogger finds it strange that a left-wing politician who embraces progressive ideas on race and gender and would be quick to criticize politically incorrect jokes, uses body shaming. He adds that other opposition politicians also like to mix rude and raunchy language with politically correct utterances, preached from the moral high ground. He concludes by asking whether such inconsistent rhetoric is part of a well-thought out master plan, or rather indicates that the Left is running out of more substantial campaign fodder.

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