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Pro-govt pundit sees Chauvin as a victim

April 8th, 2021

A commentator who spent 25 years in the United States fears that the police officer accused of killing a black suspect has no chance of a fair trial in Minneapolis, as the mainstream media has already declared him guilty.

In Magyar Nemzet, Ádám Topolánszky, who as an émigré to the United States served in several federal agencies, including the State Department in the 1980s and then at the US Embassy in Budapest in the early 2000s, believes that what he calls the Black Lives Matter ‘hysteria’ might ruin the United States. While the police officer Derek Chauvin, who stands trial accused of 2nd-degree murder in Minneapolis, might be guilty of negligence, he is not guilty of killing George Floyd, he asserts. Topolánszky, who is a regular contributor to the Magyar Nemzet opinion page, regards the high level of drugs in Floyd’s blood as the probable cause of death. Meanwhile, he lambasts the left-liberal mayor of the 9th district of Budapest where a temporary plastic monument to BLM was erected in a public square last week. (The monument, a kneeling Statue of Liberty in the colours of the rainbow, was one of the winners in a public competition for street art. It has since been destroyed by right-wing extremists.) Kneeling in protest against ‘non-existent white supremacy’, he writes, is not a practice that should be imported by Hungary from the United States.

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