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Opposition debate rules for the primary

April 15th, 2021

As Jobbik’s Péter Jakab appears to edge forward as the most popular opposition candidate for Prime Minister, opposition parties are discussing whether online voting should be allowed at the primaries.

According to a report in Mandiner, opposition parties cannot agree on the primary election rules. Momentum wants to allow online voting to boost participation. The Democratic Coalition and the MSZP oppose the proposal, suggesting that electoral fraud cannot be ruled out.

In Magyar Nemzet, Bálint Botond thinks that the opposition primaries will be a ‘pathetic stunt.’ The pro-government commentator cites opinion polls that suggest that the most popular candidate for PM is Jobbik’s Péter Jakab. Botond wonders if liberals and socialists want to elect a “far-right” Prime Minister, which in his view would further discredit Hungary and Hungarian democracy, so that they can plunder the country easily once in government. Botond then acknowledges that this may be a too far-fetched conspiracy theory, and Jakab’s lead may also indicate that he has managed to woo traditional left-wing voters who do not sympathize with the “internationalist Left”. Botond concludes by predicting that left-wing liberal elites will not let Jakab become the joint opposition candidate for PM – liberals want to secure only the votes of Jobbik supporters, but would not let them lead the opposition, he concludes.

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