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Disagreement over vaccination consensus

April 13th, 2021

An independent commentator questions the wisdom of the government’s re-opening plans, while a pro-government pundit questions the honesty of the opposition parties’ pro-vaccination campaign, in light of their earlier criticism of the Chinese and Russian jabs.

In Magyar Hang, Szabolcs Szerető thinks that despite the fact that all main political parties support vaccination, the government is trying to paint the opposition as anti-vaccine. The conservative columnist acknowledges that the opposition parties initially cautioned against the use of Eastern vaccines, but Szerető believes that their reservations were reasonable, bearing in mind that Chinese and Russian jabs were not tested properly, and have still not been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Szerető also expresses the hope that the government will slow down the reopening of the country and wait until more people are vaccinated.

On 888.hu, József K. Horváth finds hypocritical the opposition’s pro-vaccination campaign. The pro-government commentator recalls that the opposition parties initiated a petition and collected signatures in order to ban the use of Eastern vaccines (until they are approved by the EMA). Horváth agrees with Prime Minister Orbán that the opposition’s recent pro-vaccine messages cannot be taken seriously.

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