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Left-wing hopes of electoral victory

March 9th, 2021

The nationwide opposition daily finds half a million people among the electorate who, while they would not vote for any of the opposition parties singly, would support the gathering coalition of opposition parties. Most of them are former ‘undecided’ voters, and their change of heart is fuelling opposition hopes that Fidesz can be beaten in next year’s election.

In Népszava, György B. Nagy writes that the group of potential voters who would not choose any of the opposition parties but would support an opposition alliance is one of the strongest components of the opposition electorate. (Five opposition-friendly pollsters measure the combined opposition ahead of Fidesz, while the government-funded Nézőpont (Viewpoint) Institute sees Fidesz still keeping a lead over its challengers.)  He interviews András Pulai, the director of the liberal Publicus think tank about this new segment of the electorate  – those who are among the undecided when they are asked which party they would vote for but would support the opposition combined against Fidesz. He adds, however, that there are also a few small parties that are supported by critics of the government, but who refuse to join the opposition alliance. Combined, they may represent some 5 percent of the electorate, and might play into the hands of Fidesz, Pulai suggests.

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