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Klub Radio remains off air – but online

March 13th, 2021

In a furious first reaction to the decision taken by the Media Council, a staunch critic of the government accuses the authorities of stifling press freedom in Hungary.

The regulator declared Klub Radio’s bid to renew its concession for the frequency it used for the past 7 years null and void for both formal and substantial reasons. Its concession expired a month ago and since then, the left-wing radio station has continued its operations online. (See BudaPost February 11). The radio station called the decision arbitrary and will go to court to try to get it reversed.

On Városi Kurír, philosopher György Gábor a fierce critic of the government, interprets the decision as proof that the government doesn’t recoil from anything in order to perpetuate its grip on power. He says its representatives have no moral right to complain against Facebook censorship after what they have done to Klubradio. Gábor also claims that by putting the opposition radio station off air, Fidesz wants to impress its ‘fraternal European neo-fascist parties’. He calls the Media Council ‘a flock of servile foxes’.