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Huxit is not an option, pro-govt analyst says

March 24th, 2021

A conservative commentator believes Brexit makes sense, but Hungary cannot afford to follow suite.
In Magyar Nemzet, László Heckenast dismisses as too hasty frequent analyses that deem Brexit catastrophic for the United Kingdom. At any rate, he continues, the main reasons behind Brexit were concerns about the immigrant workforce and a feeling of lost sovereignty. Britain, he believes, would have remained within the European Union hadn’t it felt the European Court, the Commission, and the European Parliament too intrusive. Hungary, Heckenast suggests, also legitimately feels to be
unjustly in the crosshair of EU institutions, but it has a vested interest in remaining a member of the group. Western enterprises would hesitate to invest in Hungary if it was outside the European Union, while even Far Eastern investors see Hungary as a luring investment target because their products here with half of the spare parts coming from their countries of origin have duty-free access to European markets. Hungary should remain inside the European Union and try to roll the integration process back from its current federalist course. If the Union became again a block based on economic cooperation, he concludes, the United Kingdom itself might re-join one day.

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