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Further ruminations on Fidesz outside the EPP

March 18th, 2021

A conservative commentator says Fidesz left the EPP because it abandoned Christian values. The leading left-wing weekly contends that Fidesz MEPs will lose their influence in the European Parliament.

In Magyar Hírlap, József Alvinczi thinks that Fidesz had no place in the EPP’s Parliamentary group dominated by parties that were Christian only nominally. The conservative commentator accuses the European People’s Party of ‘conceding to Satan’ by embracing liberal and secular ideas. Alvinczi believes that the CDU and other main Christian Democratic parties have abandoned basic Christian values and became centrist parties as left-wing liberals facilitated migration and Islam to destroy genuine Christian values and culture. In light of all this, Alvinczi is relieved that FIdesz finally quit the body.

Heti Világgazdaság, on the other hand, contends that after leaving the EPP, Fidesz will lose much of its influence in the European Parliament. The left-wing liberal weekly notes that Fidesz MEPs are now seated with independent MEPs including communists, neo-Nazis and joke parties who have no access to important committee positions.

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