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Hungary’s vaccine rollout in comparative perspective

February 17th, 2021

As Hungary starts using the Russian coronavirus shots for for the elderly and vulnerable, and the health authorities continue to study the Chinese Sinopharm jab, the leading business online media examines the global vaccination data.

In a long statistical analysis, Portfolio dismisses suggestions that either the EU or Hungary are lagging behind in the global vaccination race for herd immunity. The independent business media outlet acknowledges that the EU’s 4.2 per cent vaccination rate is behind Israel (65 per cent), the UK (21 per cent), or the US (14 per cent), but in a global comparison, the EU’s 4.2 per cent vaccination is still in the top 15. As for the distribution of vaccines within the EU, Portfolio thinks that there are no big differences in the speed of vaccine rollout in the EU member states. Even the fastest countries have only a 5-6 per cent vaccination rate, while the laggards stand slightly below 4 per cent. Hungary’s 4.2 is around the EU average, Portfolio underlines. In light of the data, Portfolio finds it justified that Prime Minister Orbán in his Friday radio interview softened his criticism of the EU’s vaccination policy, and instead emphasised the need to secure alternative supplies to eke out those vaccines distributed by the EU.

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