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A left-wing take on the state of the Visegrad Group

February 20th, 2021

A left-wing commentator thinks that the V4 has abandoned its original aims and lacks internal cohesion, and therefore has no future.

In Népszava, Tamás Rónay accuses the governments of Hungary and Poland of hijacking the V4 alliance and using it against the European Union. The left-wing commentator recalls that 30 years ago, its founders intended the Visegrád Group to strengthen European unity and deepen Central European integration. Rónay sees the governments of Hungary and the Poland as undemocratic to the extent that they would emulate ‘Chinese style governance’ rather than follow European norms. In an aside, Rónay notes that the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not share these ‘anti-European’ objectives. Taking all this into account, Rónay thinks that the V4 alliance has no future.