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Right-wing calls for the regulation of social media

January 23rd, 2021

A pro-government columnist calls for social media outlets that censor content to be punished. Another right-wing commentator urges supporters of the government to be active on social media.

Minister of Justice Judit Varga has announced that the Hungarian government is also investigating the possibility of sanctioning social media outlets that censor or ban content. Minister Varga said that Facebook and other social media restrict access to right-wing conservative opinions, including her own Facebook page.

Magyar Hírlap’s Dániel Deme writes that Hungary should follow Poland’s example, and heavily fine social media outlets that censor or ban content that is not illegal according to national law. The pro-government columnist therefore welcomes Minister Varga’s investigation, and hopes that the Hungarian government will propose new legislation to make it impossible for tech giants to circumvent Hungarian laws and limit freedom of speech.

On 888.hu, Dániel Bohár contends that the internet is becoming the main battlefield in electoral campaigns. The pro-government blogger calls on the Right to be as active as possible on social media. Bohár suggests that supporters of the government should consider using Hundub, a new Hungarian alternative to Facebook that does not censor right-wing opinions, but at the same time, they should participate in political debates on Facebook too, he believes.

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