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Covid vaccinations underway

December 31st, 2020

As Hungary begins vaccinating medical personnel against Covid-19, a pro-government columnist disagrees with those who oppose vaccination, but would also find it wrong to make it mandatory.

In Magyar Hírlap, Bence Varga feels disappointed by the controversies that have erupted over the coronavirus pandemic. He had hoped that the worldwide epidemic would bring people closer together than under normal conditions. That is not what happened, however, he remarks. People read the events according to their political affiliations and laid the blame on the opposing side. Alternatively, they spread bizarre conspiracy theories about who unleashed the epidemic and why; or who intends to harm whole populations by injecting vaccines into them. Varga condemns those who stoke fears of the vaccine among the population, but declares equally that human beings are born free and therefore must be free to choose not to have themselves inoculated.

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