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PM Orbán responds to George Soros

November 27th, 2020

Replying to an article by George Soros, the Hungarian Prime minister accuses what he calls ‘the Soros network’ of trying to eliminate national sovereignty and facilitate migration in order to create a multicultural Europe that would be ‘easy prey for global elites’.

George Soros’s opinion piece, which originally appeared in Project Syndicate, called on the EU not to compromise on the application of strict rule of law criteria towards Hungary (see BudaPost November 24). The PM’s reply was rejected by Project Syndicate editors, who said that it did not meet their standards.

In the article, published in Magyar Nemzet as well as Népszava, PM Orbán writes that he is responding to George Soros despite the fact that Mr Soros is broadly seen as a “business criminal”. He sees the billionaire’s article as plainly ordering the EU leadership to punish Hungary and Poland in order to “make Europe a continent of immigrants and eliminate nation states”, thereby making Europe prey to global elites. PM Orbán also accuses Mr Soros of provoking polarization and dividing Europe through his network. The Hungarian Prime Minister calls on Central Europe to defend ‘rule of law proper’ rather than the “rule of the majority” advocated by the proponents of sanctions against member countries. PM Orbán underscores that Hungary stands for Christian democratic values and a “safe society” rather than liberal democracy and an “open society” as advocated by George Soros. He concludes by calling on eastern Europeans to defend their freedom and not to succumb to the “Soros network” which is trying to create an empire.

In Magyar Hírlap, Mariann Őry agrees with the Prime Minister’s statement that the “Soros network” has a master plan to create a global open society, and eliminate national sovereignty as well as traditional families. Őry believes that George Soros’s allies do not mind if they create social or economic chaos in their efforts to destroy independent nation states. Echoing the Prime Minister’s words, she calls on Hungary to resist attempts by Brussels and George Soros to blackmail the country. In an aside, Őry finds it bizarre that Project Syndicate, that calls itself “the world’s opinion page” refused to publish PM Orbán’s response.

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