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Liberal author thinks Hungary should be evicted from the EU

November 20th, 2020

A leading liberal pundit describes the Hungarian government as being an enemy of the European Union and finds it unfortunate that it cannot be expelled from the community.

On HVG 360, Sándor Révész asks whether Hungarians would not be better off in the long run if they were expelled from the European Union. If that happened, they might elect someone else to lead their country, he suggests. As long as Hungary is a member, he writes, the government can freely ‘steel and spend on themselves, their hobbies and consolidating their power positions as much /of the EU funds/ as they want’. He also accuses the government of being Moscow’s pawns who intend to destroy the European Union. However, the current rules make it impossible for the community to get rid of them. Perhaps a new Union should be set up within the European Union, with new rules, for countries who accept them, leaving the old Union hollow, without resources, he concludes.

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