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Government’s elbowroom wears thinner as Biden prepares to take office

November 21st, 2020

A liberal commentator suggests that Joe Biden’s electoral victory is already changing power relations in Europe – and not in favour of the Hungarian government.

On Privátbankár, Csaba Káncz believes a new Washington-Berlin axis is emerging – although Joe Biden will only move into the White House in January next year. The Democrats are notoriously hostile to PM Orbán, he writes, and  critics of the Hungarian government in Europe are elated to see President Trump on his way out. Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s main ally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has already softened his position on Brexit and sacked two hardline advisers. The Hungarian government, Káncz explains, is losing a key ally with President Trump’s departure. All this happens in a delicate moment, in the midst of an unprecedented confrontation with the European Union on the issue of making EU payments conditional on respect for the rule of law.  (See BudaPost, November 19).

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