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First reactions to the Vienna shooting

November 4th, 2020

Two conservative commentators express their outrage at the deadly terrorist shootings in Vienna on Monday night and lay the blame on those who have allowed an uncontrolled influx of Muslim refugees over the past five years.

On Mandiner, two swift comments were published close to midnight, just hours after an Islamist terrorist went on a rampage in the Austrian capital. Mátyás Kohán, who attends a graduate course at Vienna University, remarks that this time, terrorism has struck next door, in a city where Hungarians feel almost at home. Those whom he describes as monsters should be kept out of our countries, he concludes.

Milán Constantinovits goes even further to underline just how close the shooting happened to Hungary. It is now realistic to believe, he writes, that one day such horrors might hit Budapest’s Dohány Street (where the famous main Synagogue stands). If Europe continues to stand idle, he concludes, things will just get even worse.

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