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EU’s weakness blamed for heightened terrorism threat

October 29th, 2020

A left-wing pundit suggests that terrorism has become a part of life in Europe, as a result of the EU’s inability to come up with a credible migration policy.

In Népszava, Lajos Köteles writes that terrorism has become a part of life in Europe. The left-wing social scientist dismisses ‘civilizationist’ interpretations, associated with Samuel P. Huntington, that see Islam as an inherently violent religion, but he acknowledges that migration comes with increased security threats. Köteles contends that mass migration serves geopolitical interests, and he adds that the so-called Islamic State radicalizes migrants in Europe. He thinks nonetheless that immigrants become violent as a result of social exclusion and the lack of economic opportunities in a changing world. As for possible remedies, Köteles believes that individual EU member states cannot stop illegal migration and reduce terrorist threats, but he also acknowledges that the EU has no coherent migration policy. Köteles fears that unless the EU comes up with a shared migration policy, it has no future.

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