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Analyst thinks Election 2022 is ’mission possible’ for the opposition

October 7th, 2020

A centrist political observer believes the united opposition might well defeat Fidesz in 2022 – but in its present state would be unable to govern successfully.

In an interview with Telex, the news site just launched by former Index journalists,  political scientist Gábor Török says the lack of a convincing programme would not make an opposition victory impossible. The disparate forces of the opposition have one single point which unites them, namely that they want to put an end to Fidesz rule – and that may prove sufficient. Their success mainly depends on whether the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic difficulties will wear down the Fidesz base, the analyst suggests. If instead of 52 percent of the voters, the incumbent government can rally only 45 per cent, the opposition might win. Török predicts, however, that even if they do win the elections in the spring of 2022, in their current state they could not possibly be successful in government and Fidesz would be the certain winner in 2026.

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