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Soros 90

August 14th, 2020

In an interview conducted in New York by Italian journalist Mario Platero for the Hungarian left-wing nationwide daily, the 90 year-old financier and supporter of liberal NGOs calls PM Orbán an opponent of European values. Pro-government commentators describe Mr Soros as a man peddling a dangerous ideology.

In an interview published by Népszava on his 90th birthday, George Soros says anti-EU forces have seized the state in Poland and Hungary. The leaders of those countries, Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Viktor Orbán, Mr Soros writes, oppose the basic values on which the EU was built. (In its headline, Népszava calls those two leaders enemies of the EU.) Most of all, however, he is concerned about Italy, one of the largest European countries, where support for the European Union is declining.

In a lengthy analysis of the worldwide network of NGOs supported by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Origo claims that the Hungarian-born American investor is a staunch supporter of mass immigration to western countries. The authors attribute his negative feelings towards the Hungarian government to the latter’s stiff resistance against illegal migration.

On Pesti Srácok, an author who signs his name as Elnyomó Ciszgender (Oppressive Cisgender) depicts Mr Soros’s political activism as a frantic drive to create a world-wide society without separate nations and borders. This is why, the commentator suggests, ‘Uncle Georgie supports all initiatives aimed at disintegrating any given country’.

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