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Second Covid-19 wave is approaching

August 15th, 2020

As registered coronavirus infections are on the rise and reach spring levels with over 40 daily, a left-wing pundit accuses the government of neglecting preparations for the second wave of the pandemic.

In Népszava, Miklós Hargitai warns that ‘we haven’t learned to learn from our mistakes’. In the absence of mass testing, he argues, the numbers published by the authorities about the spread of the epidemic are irrelevant. People are negligent about wearing masks and such attitudes are encouraged by public personalities who often don’t wear them. In a further remark, Hargitai suggests that border controls are not severe enough, while entry restrictions for passengers arriving from ’red’ countries, with high infection rates, can be easily thwarted by making a stop-over in a ‘green’ country. In addition, he remarks, tests and protective equipment are expensive which indicates that Hungary hasn’t managed to produce them herself. Or, alternatively, he speculates, government cronies keep prices artificially high.