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Migrants – a biological bomb?

August 12th, 2020

A pro-government columnist writes about the danger of Covid19 spreading within migrant communities and condemns western media outlets which misquoted the Prime Minister’s words last week on this subject.

In Magyar Hírlap, Mariann Őry excoriates western journalists who misquoted the Prime Minister as comparing migrants to biological bombs. What Viktor Orbán actually said in his regular radio talk last Friday, she explains,  was that ‘we must not create the impression that every migrant is a biological bomb’, although  some represent a genuine danger as potential spreaders of the virus. She describes how the Italian authorities are dismantling former Interior Minister Salvini’s restrictive measures and allowing increasing numbers of illegal migrants into Italy. Apart from the already known integration problems, Őry writes, the crowded reception centres are in themselves potential hotbeds of viral contamination amid pandemic conditions. Another example is that of the Somali community in Sweden where, she suggests, a particularly high number of people were infected. Like the Prime Minister, she would also never call migrants a biological bomb, but uncontrolled mass immigration represents a ticking time bomb, Őry writes.

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