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Former Vice Chairman says the MSZP is doomed

August 1st, 2020

A former leading Socialist politician explains to a pro-government journalist why he left his party and founded a new one which, he hopes, will soon overtake the MSZP in terms of popularity.

Magyar Hírlap carries an interview with Tibor Szanyi, who until last year served as Vice Chairman of the Socialist Party. Szanyi tells journalist Károly Bán that he considers himself to be the heir of late party chairman Gyula Horn, as a representative of genuine left-wing politics. He accuses the current leadership of being unprincipled and led by greed. No wonder, he adds, that ninety percent of the rank and file have left the party. Szanyi explains that he would rather be faithful to them than to the remaining ten percent. He predicts that his new party, called Yes, Solidarity for Hungary will reap more votes at the next general elections than the MSZP which, he says, “is heading toward a void”.

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