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Tributes to Magda Kósa Kovács

July 29th, 2020

Commentators praise the defunct Socialist politician for her honesty.

Commentators praise the former Socialist politician, who has died at the age of 79, for her honesty.

Magda Kósa Kovács, a frontline official of the Communist-era Trade Union Council, became a leading figure within the Socialist Party after the regime change. She served as Minister of Labour in Gyula Horn’s government (1994-1998) for one year and then as deputy party chairperson. She was already in retirement when she decided to join Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition in 2011.

In Népszava, Róbert Friss remembers her as a role model for politicians who want to be honest. She lived in the same flat from her birth until her death, Friss writes, contrasting that with many politicians who have made fortunes during their careers.

On Azonnali another veteran journalist, Gyula Hegyi, highlights Magda Kósa Kovács’s resignation as Minister of Labour in 1995 as an act which proved that she never compromised on matters of conscience. She quit the government led by her party chairman because she opposed the austerity package introduced by Lajos Bokros, the new finance minister.

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