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First reactions to the EU deal on recovery fund

July 22nd, 2020

A former Fidesz EU Commissioner believes that the EU agreement on the 750 billion recovery fund is a reasonable deal that offers some perks for all member states – and further strengthens the European Union itself.

On the website of the National public Service University, Former Fidesz Depty Prime Minister, then member of the European Commission Tibor Navracsics thinks that the agreement on the EU recovery fund is a pragmatic compromise that will determine the future of the EU. Navracsics contends that all member states got something, but no one had all its wishes fulfilled by the agreement. He goes on to note that the most important achievement is that the proposed 750 billion Euro lump sum was not cut, even if a higher proportion of it will be loans than France and Germany initially suggested. Concerning Hungary, Navracsics thinks that the 3 billion Euro additional subsidy included in the final deal is a huge success for Hungary. Even more so the fact that Article 7 proceedings will be concluded by the end of the year, and it will be very difficult if not impossible to suspend access to the recovery fund on the grounds of alleged violation of EU norms. In conclusion, Navracsics writes that the agreement is a huge victory for the European Union, as its member states have shown that they can broker a reasonable deal even if they have conflicting interests.



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