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A wake-up call for the opposition

June 4th, 2020

A centrist political scientist thinks the government has been successful in handling the coronavirus emergency, while the opposition has remained almost invisible throughout the past three months.

On the ATV morning show, political scientist Gábor Török said the government has handled the crisis with dexterity, constantly polling the mood of the population, rapidly dropping themes and slogans that did not resonate well with the public, while relentlessly using those that proved successful. Meanwhile, he continued, the opposition has no perceptible message and he himself would find it difficult to say what it wants. Governments whose midterm ratings have been high have never been voted out of office, Török remarked. On top of it all, the analyst added, the government is scoring well in the political contest in the midst of an economic crisis which normally would have shattered any government’s popularity. If the opposition doesn’t wake up soon, he concludes, it will certainly lose the next elections in two years’ time.

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