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Government tables 2021 budget

May 29th, 2020

A pro-government commentator welcomes the government’s desire to boost the economy and help families. A liberal analyst deems the governments’ growth expectations for 2021 unrealistic.

Magyar Hírlap’s Gábor Putsay welcomes the fact that the draft budget prioritizes economic growth, job creation and families. The conservative analyst underlines that the Hungarian government will spend 20 per cent of GDP on rebooting an economy badly hit by the coronavirus. In contrast with the pre-2010 left-liberal governments, the Orbán government wants to boost the economy by helping Hungarian businesses as well as families rather than introducing austerity measures, Putsay writes. He goes on to praise the government for further increasing family spending and pensions, noting that since 2010, family subsidies have more than doubled. Putsay is hopeful that the government’s 4.8 per cent growth projected for 2021 can be achieved despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Index, Miklós Jenei thinks that the uncertainties of the present make budgeting very difficult. The liberal commentator contends that the government’s growth projection is far too optimistic. Jenei also fears that the government is not allocating enough resources to cover the potential costs of another wave of the epidemic.

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