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Women leaders seen as more efficient in tackling COVID-19

April 27th, 2020

A left-wing news site enumerates women leaders as particularly efficient in combatting the virus epidemic. A conservative opponent dismisses that ‘sexism’ as unfounded.

On 444.hu, Kitti Földi quotes an article in Forbes Magazine to support her thesis that women are eminently successful in leading their countries’ struggle against the coronavirus pandemic. She mentions Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Finland, Norway and Denmark as countries led by women which have been ‘outstandingly successful’ at dealing with the pandemic. By contrast, she adds, Sweden, the only Scandinavian country with a male prime minister, is faring poorly.

On Mandiner, László Bernát Veszprémy calls the examples mentioned by 444 arbitrary and refers to Belgium where the Prime Minister is female and where the coronavirus death rate per million inhabitants is twice as high as in Sweden. He excoriates what he calls the Marxist tradition in which you identify the ‘good’ category of people – be it proletarians, people of colour or women in this case – as opposed to the ‘bad’ ones. Reality is much more complex than that, he writes, and the management of the coronavirus crisis has nothing to do with the chromosomes of the prime ministers.

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