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UK leaves EU

February 4th, 2020

A commentator in the leading pro-government daily admires the UK for leaving the EU and restoring its national sovereignty.

In Magyar Nemzet, Zsolt Bayer envies the British for leaving the EU and restoring national sovereignty.  The pro-government columnist, quoting Nigel Farage, writes that the British quit ‘the whole failed project of the EU’ in order to return to their national heritage and the idea of ‘splendid isolation’. By doing so, the UK is ending the rule of the ‘ruthless brutality and superfluity of Brussels’ and the ‘Brussels idiots’, and is restoring British Common Law and the legacy of British imperialism. While admitting that Scotland may not reconcile itself with Brexit, Bayer nonetheless envies the UK. He surmises that had Hungary possessed nuclear weapons, and been an island as well, it could also leave the EU rather than battling with an EU leadership that wants to further centralize the European Union.

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