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Repercussions of the killing of Iranian General Suleimani

January 9th, 2020

A conservative analyst thinks that the assassination of Quassim Suleimani will worsen US-Iranian relations, but he is hopeful that the skirmish will not lead to outright war between the two states.

In Magyar Nemzet, Levente Sitkei ponders the potential implications of the assassination. The conservative analyst thinks that the US attack has unified Iran, and even those who otherwise do not support the theocratic, fundamentalist regime will line up behind the current government and protest against the US. Sitkei suspects that it is less than likely that the liquidation of Suleimani may help the consolidation of US-Iranian relations. Sitkei finds it highly disturbing that the US labeled Suleimani as a terrorist, and violated international as well as moral norms of war. At the same time, Sitkei is hopeful that the conflict will not evolve into a fully-fledged war between the US and Iran. After all, US President Trump has been in favour of a more isolationist US.

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