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DK politician accused of racism

January 31st, 2020
As Christian democrats and the Fidesz youth organisation decided to hold a demonstration against what they perceive as racist remarks by a DK politician, opinions sharply diverge about the incident.

In a panel discussion on ATV last week, Péter Niedermüller, the recently elected mayor of Budapest’s 7th district said “If we look at what’s left after you peel away all the targets of the haters, such as non-Hungarians, ‘others’, migrants, the Roma … a scary formation is left in the middle: white, Christian, heterosexual men — there are also women among them. That’s their vision of a family.” Government officials urged him to quit politics altogether, the Episcopal Council also condemned Niedermüller for using the word Christian in a derogatory sense, while DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány pointed out that he himself is a white Christian and hetero male.

On Hirklikk, Péter S. Föld writes that the organisers of the demonstration against Niedermüller pretend to be idiots who don’t understand Hungarian, otherwise they couldn’t accuse the DK politician of racism. On the contrary, he elaborates, Niedermüller was accusing the government side of exclusionism and fomenting hatred against non-whites, non-Christians and non-heterosexuals. Föld thinks that in this case, racists are accusing their detractors of racism.

In Magyar Hírlap, on the other hand, Izabella Bencze believes that Niedermüller’s words speak for themselves and remind her of Hitler. The Nazi leader loathed people of Jewish descent, she writes, while Niedermüller has a problem with white hetero Christian people. She asks Niedermüller if he will stop short of exterminating the ‘scary formation’ he was speaking about.

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