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Budapest Mayor Karácsony’s first 100 days

January 24th, 2020

A liberal and a pro-government commentator assess Budapest Mayor Karácsony’s performance during his first one hundred days in office.

Magyar Nemzet’s Dávid Megyeri thinks that Budapest Mayor Karácsony’s first one hundred days in office have been an utter failure. The pro-government columnist contends that Mayor Karácsony has begun purges of those he finds uncongenial and has sacked leading experts. Megyeri suspects that his plans to ban old diesel cars from Budapest and offer restriction free parking for local residents may alienate voters. Megyeri suggests that Mr Karácsony’s ultimate aim is not to make Budapest a better place, but to use his position to help the opposition defeat Fidesz in the 2022 Parliamentary election.

On Index, Gábor Tenczer calculates that Mayor Karácsony has already realized 6 out of his 23 major campaign promises. The liberal pundit recalls that public transportation has been made free for the unemployed, and football stadium construction has been made conditional on the improvement of hospitals, major museum construction has been canceled, a climate emergency has been announced and other green projects have also been launched.

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