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PM Orbán accused of planning Hunxit

December 19th, 2019

A left-wing pundit suggests that the Prime Minister intends to follow Britain’s example and withdraw from the European Union.

In Népszava, Róbret Friss takes PM Orbán’s letter of congratulations to Boris Johnson on the occasion of his re-election as Prime Minister as proof that he welcomes Brexit. Friss admits that Foreign Minister Szíjjártó has described any speculation on Hunxit – Hungary’s withdrawal from the European Union  –  as ‘idiocy’. Nevertheless, the left-wing columnist believes the government-funded 21st Century Institute had Hunxit in mind when it published London-based sociologist Frank Füredi’s opinion that Britain will profit from Brexit in the long run. He also speculates that Mr Orbán’s plans to forge a strong Central European bloc (see BudaPost, December 18) are aimed at creating an alliance underpinned by Turkey, Israel and Moscow.  Friss asks whether under such conditions the opposition should not withdraw from the National Assembly and set up a counter-Parliament.

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