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Momentum polls number one within the opposition

December 9th, 2019

A veteran right-wing pundit lambasts the young liberal party for allying itself with ‘globalist forces’ and describes as menacing its position as apparently the most popular opposition party in Hungary.

In his customary weekly Demokrata editorial, András Bencsik describes Momentum’s success among young voters as a threat to the future of the nation. In an era of what Pope Francis has called a ‘demographic winter’, he writes, when despite longer life expectancy than ever before, more people die in Europe than the number of new-born, the western cultural canon which doesn’t favour the birth of more children reminds Bencsik of a ‘danse macabre’. He depicts a European landscape where masses of jobs are disappearing – in Germany, for instance over 200 thousand jobs will become unnecessary in the automotive industry alone – while only 100 thousand will be generated by the manufacture of electric vehicles. In addition, he deplores the German decision to close down nuclear power stations, which he describes as an act of self-destruction. ‘The God of production is dying’, he writes, and the disease that is striking that God down will annihilate the weak. Only the strong will survive, he warns. He sees in Momentum’s pro-western stance a danger for the strength of the nation. Its unmatched popularity among opposition parties in opinion polls suggests to Bencsik that ‘the nation’s immune system has collapsed’.

According to Demokrata’s own poll, in fact, since the October local council elections, Fidesz’s constituency among decided voters has fallen from 55 to 41 per cent, while Momentum’s has risen from 9 to 20 per cent.