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Opposition seen as subservient to imperial forces

November 25th, 2019

A pro-government analyst believes public life in Hungary is fatally split between the supporters of nationhood and those of Empire.

In Demokrata, political scientist István Kovács finds it natural for the leaders of Momentum to support Romanian and Slovak politicians in their electoral campaigns in those countries, where representatives of the Hungarian ethnic minority were also participating. Momentum as well as the rest of the united opposition, he believes, want Hungary to be dominated by ‘imperial forces’. He acknowledges that Hungary cannot disregard what he calls the ‘imperialist games’ around her. Nor does she intend to ignore them, he continues, referring to PM Orbán’s words about a Moscow-Istanbul-Berlin triangle at the centre of which Hungary has always had to strive for survival and prosperity. Whenever a delicate balance between international constraints and national endeavours was lost, Hungary was afflicted by huge tragedies, Kovács writes. He concludes that it is hopeless to convince “the supporters of imperial logic” about that lesson of history.

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