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Momentum backs fellow liberals in neighbouring countries

November 19th, 2019

A pro-government analyst criticises the new liberal party for backing Romanian and Slovak candidates in neighbouring countries, instead of supporting representatives of the substantial Hungarian minorities there.

In Magyar Nemzet, political scientist Tamás Fricz excoriates Momentum leaders who have joined electoral campaigns in Slovakia and Romania on the side of local liberals, on the grounds that such parties are a stronger bulwark against Romanian and Slovak nationalism than the small Hungarian minority parties. Hungarians should stand up in defence of their fellow Hungarians, regardless of their chances of winning the elections, Fricz argues. The Hungarian community must show its strength at the elections in order to be able to represent its interests, he believes. He also mentions that President Macron of France is just as strongly globalist in his feelings as the leaders of Momentum are, but he never hesitates to stand up for his country’s national interests.

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